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 Notes and Calendar 2018

Last updated April 18, 2018 ... 

 2016 Notes: Anniversaries, Meetings, Special Events 

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 All Changes Since September, 2002 

We no longer print our own meeting lists in any kind of bulk, but you are free to print your own, using this downloadable model. And, of course, you can find the latest meeting information online here.

    This may be the only listing in the country that announces both temporary closings of meetings and almost all anniversaries being celebrated, with invitations extended to all members (unique anywhere). Needless to say, we can use all the help we can get, whether regarding meeting notices, corrections or changes, anniversary and other secretary notes ... anything at s.i.meetings@gmail.com.

    Recent meeting changes are noted and highlighted in the printed lists, and will also be announced below, as soon as we learn of them, under Recent Changes. Please advise us of any such additions, subtractions, corrections and suggestions.

    For those who can use them, our printable secretary notes can be downloaded here and printed by any who wish to do so. So far as we know, this is the only A. A. location that has and makes collective use of such a service.

    Sections in these pages marked with a  Note  contain extra information. Simply place your cursor for a moment on the  Note  ... (Works best with the free Opera browser.)

 Note on New Meetings

New groups and meetings are generally listed in the secretary notes (under 'Notes & Changes') as they open. After some years' experience, though, and as is the custom in most places, they will be added to the printed and online lists only after they've been in business for a while, to be sure that they are viable, well supported and likely to last.

Recent Notes & Changes (since June, 2016)

As of April 1, 2018 the Watch Your Step (Beginners) Group (Sun.) will meet from 8-9 PM (was 8:15-9:30 PM).

As of January, 2018 5he former Victory Group, (Sun., 6 PM) at Ascension Church, will be the A Vision For You Group, Closed Big Book Study, except Closed Read/Share 1st Sunday, Open Speaker last Sunday.

The Serenity Lounge Group, which had been meeting (Thurs, 7 PM) at St. John Neumann Church, will now meet at Labetti Post, 390 Hylan Blvd.. [9/20/17].

The Remembrance Group, which had been meeting (Fri., 7:45 PM) at Bethel Methodist Church since 1990, will no longer meet per an email. [7/3/17].

The First Drink Group, which had been meeting (Sun., 9 AM) at Mt. Loretto Bldg. #7, now meets instead in Bldg. #13 next to the church. [5/25/17].

The Surrender Group, which had been meeting (Wed., 1 PM) at Silverstein's on Forest Ave., has closed. [5/19/17]

The Midland Beach Big Book Group, which had been meeting (Thurs., 7:30-8:45 PM) at Oasis Christian Center, 539 Greeley Ave. now meets instead on Mondays as of May 1, same time and place. [4/28/17]

The Victory Group (Sun., 6-7:15 PM) meetings will end at 7 PM in coming 6 months. [2/8/17]

The Midland Beach Big Book Group, which has been meeting (Thurs., 7:30-8:45 PM) at Oasis Christian Center, 539 Greeley Ave. since 11/3, is now listed. [2/2/17]

The Beachcombers I Group (Tues., 8 PM) at the Oakwood Heights VFW has reportedly stopped meeting as of Hurricane Sandy. [12/17/16]

The Sunlight of the Spirit Group (Tues., 7:30 PM, Immanuel Lutheran Church, 2018 Richmond Ave.) has stopped meeting as of 11/22/16. [11/26/16]

On November 3, the Midland Beach Big Book Group held its first meeting at 7:30 PM at Oasis Church, 539 Greeley Ave. The meeting is open, the format is Big Book Study. [10/20/16]

The Grupo Para Todos (was Wed./Fri. 7-9 PM) is now Wed./Thurs./Fri. 8-10 PM. [8/19/16]

The Conscious Contact Group (Sun., 11 AM) has moved 6/5/16 to St. Patrick’s School, 3560 Richmod Rd.//Kensico St. [6/5/16]

Policies and Practices for Listing Meetings

 Note on New Meetings – New groups and meetings are generally listed in the secretary notes (under 'Notes & Changes') as they open. After some years' experience, though, and as is the custom in most places, they will be added to the printed and online lists only after they've been in business for a while, to be sure that they are viable, well supported and likely to last.

On Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous is founded on its autonomous groups. The meetings a group holds are just part of its “primary purpose” (per our 5th Tradition) of carrying its message of sobriety to those who still suffer from alcoholism. Ideally, planning how best to do all this carrying is the “business” of our “business meetings” – something important to keep in mind. For suggestions on how we might do so, The A. A. Group pamphlet is an excellent start.

    All listings in these notes are by group, rather than the more common designation by location. This in part may help avoid the impression that we are affiliated with the places we meet in, contrary to our 6th Tradition. More importantly, we hope it may encourage members to become an active part of these groups — to join a group in the first place – and encourage the groups in further A. A. activity. Along these lines, our A. A. expression ‘commitment’ might be transformed from a temporary job that we ‘take’, here or there, for a period of months, to a long-term commitment we ‘make’ ... to a specific, ongoing group of A. A. members.

    We apologize for the puzzlement this may cause at first. Those used to hearing “St. Roch's” (Monday nights) and “St. Mark's” (Saturday mornings), may wonder what on earth the “Mariners Harbor Group” and “Good Mornin’ Group” might be. We hope the confusion is only temporary, and that the reminder that these are actually meetings of groups will in some way help our work

    Unfortunately, it must also be noted that organizations which claim to be A. A. groups, while severely violating A. A.'s Traditions, will not be listed as A. A. groups in any way, including in these secretary notes. The Traditions are too important to the well-being, and even the survival, of A. A. to be trampled on or ignored, no matter how attractive such ‘meetings’ may appear.

    Finally, you may have noticed that the Sunnyside Group, which for many years met in Bulls Head, now finds itself in Port Richmond ... the Pleasant Plains Group in Oakwood ... The Point Group (Great Kills) in Richmondtown ... and (best of all) the Mariners Harbor Group in Port Richmond and the Port Richmond Group for years found itself in Mariners Harbor...in the very church where the Mariners Harbor Group began! (They have since returned to Port Richmond.)

    The practice of naming groups for the towns they started in was once very common, and often marks the oldest groups in an area. It's no wonder that they're not inclined to change their names for any reason. The only exception we know of here was the old West Brighton Group, which over the course of its many moves – perhaps the most of any group on the Island, if not the world – was transformed into the First Step Group of today.

Lively sober cat on the move
January February March April May June July August September October November December 2019!?!
1-1 Great Kills Group Jim B. (30) [12/10, /12]
" Another Alternative Group No meeting, school closed [12/12]
1-4 Serenity Lounge Group Linda L. (1) [12/23]
" Fresh Start Group No meeting tonight due to weather [1/4]
1-8 Decker Avenue Step Group Vinny (1) [12/6]
1-11 Came To Believe Group Chris N. (1) [12/4]
1-14 Inspiration Group Ivy (8) [12/23]
1-15 Another Alternative Group No meeting today, school closed [1/15]
1-18 Serenity Lounge Group Linda L. (1) [1/5]
1-19 Fifth Chapter-How it Works II Lorraine (5) [1/11]
1-21 Eye Opener Group Nancy R. (12) [1/1]
1-22 Decker Avenue Step Group Mike (1) [12/6]
1-25 Came To Believe Group Greg C. (35) []
" Serenity Lounge Group Alana D. (4), Luchia F. (2), Tim D. (5) [12/23]
" Randall Manor Group Pedro (22) [12/23]
1-26 Friday Night Women's Group Liz (2), Irish Stacie (8) [Open] [12/10]
" Power for the Hour Group Tommy G. (6) [12/23]
"" Huguenot Step Group Betsie (40), George V. (40), Brian (21) [1/19]
1-27 The Point Group Nikki Girl (6) [12/12]
1-28 First Drink Group Tom R. (10) [12/31]
" Conscious Contact Joe T. (8), Jen (6) [1/10]
" Pass It On Group Kathleen (28) [1/1]
" Attitude Adjustment Alfridia (30), Mike (2), John (10) [1/15]
1-29 Steps to the Stars Slowly Recovering Mike O'C. (36 years back) [1/1]
" Another Alternative Group Lamont (15) [Open] [1/10]
" Primary Purpose Group Rickie (3) [12/6]
" Decker Avenue Step Group Amr (3), Cathy Cool (26), Vinny (1) [12/6, 1/11]
" Great Kills Group Tommy Figs (2), Carla (11) [12/12]
" Woodrow Big Book Group Danny O. (29), Liz I. (2) [12/12]
" Mariners Harbor Group Keith (2), Denise (5), Buddy (13), Buddy from Brooklyn (13), Brian (29), Marianne (35) [1/11]
1-30 Women Sharing Group Justina (7), Tricia (7) [Open] [12/16]
" First Step Group Gregory (27), Chris (9) [11/15, 12/22]
February GroupAnniversaries, Events, Meetings, Notes
2-1 To be decided Jenna M. (3) []
2-7 Common Solution David G. (9) [Open} [1/8]
2-8 Came To Believe Group Ashley I. (1) [12/4]
2-9 Port Richmond Group 42nd Anniversary fr. 7 PM (meeting 8:30 PM) [1/15]
2-12 Decker Avenue Step Group Isabella (1) [1/6]
2-14 Common Solution Ed S. (14)[Open] [1/8]
" Young People's Group of S. I. Miracle Matt (1) [1/18]
2-15 Fresh Start Group Amy B. (7) [Open] [1/19]
2-16 Huguenot Step Group Michelle (6) [1/23, /24]
2-18 First Drink Group Frank B. (1) [1/14]
2-19 Another Alternative Group No meeting today, school closed [1/15]
" Decker Avenue Step Group 33rd Group Anniversary from 6:30 PM [1/6, /30]
" Midland Beach Big Book Group Jim W. (8) [1/18]
2-21 Common Solution Bo D. [28] [Open] [1/8, /13]
2-22 Came To Believe Group Ronnie W. (14), Lori C. (1) []
" Serenity Lounge Group Brian M. (5), Uncle Jeff (3), Sal p. (6) [2/3]
" Jimmy A. (7) Richmondtown Step Group [1/24, 2/12]
2-23 Port Richmond Group Joe S.(22), Paul S. (18) [1/15]
2-24 The Other End Group Bonnie (22) [1/21]
2-25 Conscious Contact Lisa D. (9) [2/8]
" Attitude Adjustment Jim S. (30) [2/13]
2-26 Another Alternative Group Tom D. (11) [2/3]
" Decker Avenue Step Group Morgan (2), Rich (4), Mike (1) [1/6, 2/17]
2-27 First Step Group Chicago Grace (32), Lenny (29) [12/22, 1/15]
" Women Sharing Group Janine (4) [Open] [1/12]
March GroupAnniversaries, Events, Meetings, Notes
3-13 Bob S. (36) Deliverance Group [2/24]
3-16 P. A. C. Group Lil Red (Meaghan) (4), Big Sean (2) [2/13]
3-18 Conscious Contact Melinda (1) [2/25]
" Get Free Group No meeting today [3/9]
3-22 Richmondtown Steps Group Jimmy A. (7), Lil Johnnie (6), Pookie (5), Jimmy W. (13) [3/9, /10]
3-23 Friday Night Women's Group 18th group anniversary, festivities fr. 6 PM, open to all [3/9]
3-25 Conscious Contact Eileen (14), Arianna (2), A. J. (1) [2/25]
" Inspiration Group Abie C. () []
3-26 Primary Purpose Group Alison A. (5) [3/22, /24]
" Decker Avenue Step Group Brian H. (23) [2/7, /27]
" Woodrow Big Book Group Kristyn (6), Ginger (43) [3/8]
" Mariners Harbor Group Melissa (12), Still Bill (10), Dominick (9), Sammy (3) [2/17, /21]
3-27 First Step Group Carl W. (37) [3/6]
" Women Sharing Group 39th Group Anniversary – Food & festivities fr. 6:30 PM – Open to All [3/9]
3-28 Keeping it Simple Lenora (30) [2/24]
3-29 Came To Believe Group Frank C. (4) [2/17]
" Tottenville Group Yurly (2) [2/24]
3-30 Huguenot Step Group No meeting tonight [3/30]
April GroupAnniversaries, Events, Meetings, Notes
4-1 Get Free Group No meeting today [2/19]
4-8 Get Free Group No meeting today [2/19]
4-10 First Step Group Sammy (1) [4/1]
4-12 Serenity Lounge Group Anna D. (1) [3/16]
4-13 Big Book "Pioneer Group" Brian H. (10) [3/10]
4-16 Decker Avenue Step Group Virginia (1) [3/13]
4-18 Common Solution Anthony B., Jr. (6) [Open] [4/3]
4-21 Bill & Bob's Excellent Adventure Sabrina B. (7) [3/16]
4-22 Amboy-Eltingville Group Motivated Steve (5) [3/31]
4-24 Women Sharing Group Adrianna (10) {Open] [3/26]
" Tuesday Knights Men's Discussion Group Pete (3) [Open] [4/14]
4-26 Serenity Lounge Group Tara O. (3) [3/16]
4-27 "The Family Afterward" Group Charlie B. (30) [4/14]
4-28 The Other End Group Mike, Sr. (34), Mike, Jr., (11) [3/23]
" The Point Group Bessie (14) [4/18]
4-29 Sunday Morning Early Birds Joey C. (10) [3/31]
" Conscious Contact Jackie (1), Johnna (3) [4/1, /17]
" Attitude Adjustment Annie G. (2), Vikki G. (2), Linda S. (4) [3/31]
4-30 Great Kills Group Louisa (29) [4/14]
" Decker Avenue Step Group Jason (2), Tommy T. (23) [3/10]
" Mariners Harbor Group Dorothy (28) [4/9]
May GroupAnniversaries, Events, Meetings, Notes
5-8 First Step Group Winston W. (1) [3/31]
5-20 Inspiration Group Sally Shoes (31) [4/5]
5-27 Pass It On Group Laurie (5), Marie (25) [4/18]
5-28 Decker Avenue Step Group Bret (3), Cheryl (12), Kenny (12) [4/18]
5-29 First Step Group Dennis (22). Susan (8) [4/14]
June GroupAnniversaries, Events, Meetings, Notes
July GroupAnniversaries, Events, Meetings, Notes
August GroupAnniversaries, Events, Meetings, Notes
September GroupAnniversaries, Events, Meetings, Notes
October GroupAnniversaries, Events, Meetings, Notes
November GroupAnniversaries, Events, Meetings, Notes
December GroupAnniversaries, Events, Meetings, Notes
Lively sober cat's friend on the move

I am responsible . . .
When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.
And for that . . . I am responsible.
— A.A. Grapevine. Reprinted by permission.

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