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Alcoholics Anonymous Online Connections

Last updated September 4, 2009

Except for our own Staten Island A. A. Notes and Calendar, the following A. A. web sites of note are completely distinct from this site, and each will open in a new window. This is to make clear that we are not affiliated with these sites and organizations, and that we take no credit for them.
Nor are any of them responsible for the contents of this site.

  General Service Office  

  Staten Island A. A. Notes and Calendar  

  South-East New York (SENY) (Area 49)  

  Queens Intergroup     + + +    Brooklyn Intergroup      + + +     Nassau Intergroup  

  Suffolk Intergroup & General Assembly  

  Northern New Jersey (Area 44)  

  A. A.Grapevine/La Viña  

  New York Intergroup  

I am responsible . . .
  When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
    I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.
      And for that . . . I am responsible.

            —   A.A. Grapevine. Reprinted by permission.
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