Alcoholics Anonymous (A. A.) Meetings in Santa Clara County, California 

    At this time (March, 2012) there appear to be some 629 A. A. meetings (45 of them Spanish-speaking) in Santa Clara County each week, taking place in the 17 cities and towns listed below.

    Rather than have a separate page for each town, we have combined nearby meetings into 'master' pages, the idea being to bring together as much information as possible in a single place, make it less necessary to jump from page to page, and give a better overview of what is available, beyond our own groups, neighborhoods and towns.

    In Santa Clara County, aside from the city of San José, this works out as two such pages, one each for the southern and northern parts of the county.

    On the other hand, San José itself hosts so many meetings (222) that we have had to divide them, to make the pages easier to work with. That is, we have separate master pages for central and outlying San José, which in turn are also broken down into 5 yet smaller pages, as you will see below. Suggestions for a more useful arrangement will be welcome. The basic idea of all this, after all, is to make the meetings as easy as possible to find, especially for the newcomer or stranger.

    In addition, for those who can use them, we do provide separate pages for locations with (roughly) two or more meetings each day.

    As with all we do in A. A., we rely on each other for meeting information. Where something seems especially important to clear up, we have added a little pop-up note (Help!) to alert our visitors and ask for your help.

    Please let us know – – of any corrections, additions, subtractions and suggestions you may have – so that, together, we can let those who need us know where to find us.

Meeting Makers Make It ... but they need to know where the meetings are!

This online listing of A. A. meetings in Sonoma County is put together from many sources, including local and central office meeting directories, the listings of local clubs, and direct information from the groups and members involved.

    It is offered as a free service to those who can use it. It is unaffiliated with any official bodies – or with any organization at all, for that matter.


— Unless specified as “Closed”, all meetings are open to anyone with an interest in recovery from alcoholism.
    — “Closed” meetings are only for those who themselves have “a desire to stop drinking.”
    — You may generally assume that there is no smoking in the meetings.
    — The © symbol next to an address indicates that it is wheelchair-accessible.
    — To make finding the meetings easier, and out of respect for our hosts, we try to fully identify the locations in which we meet.
    — Where we do have to shorten names, we apologize. E.g., while all Methodists are in fact “United”,
         the extra word often doesn't fit well in the lines.
    — We have included Maps for each meeting, with pop-up Thomas Guide coordinates, where available.
    — The meeting format, if not clear from the group name, is shown separately. If not specified, assume open discussion/participation.
    — If only the format is known, the space for a group name is left blank.
    — If there really is no A. A. group, however, it is not really an A. A. meeting at all. Please advise!
    — Genuine A. A. meetings, and the groups that hold them, are not and never should be affiliated in any way with any locations
         in which they are held, whether they be hospitals, schools, clubs, treatment or community centers, etc.

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Santa Clara County
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Los Altos

Los Gatos


Morgan Hill

Mountain View

Palo Alto

San José Center

San José Downtown

San José East

San José North

San José South

San José West

San José NESW

San José/Willow Glen-Fruitdale

San José
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San Martin

Santa Clara




Willow Glen

I am responsible . . .
When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.
And for that . . . I am responsible.
— A.A. Grapevine. Reprinted by permission.

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