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[Last updated September 4, 2009]

The Staten Island A. A. Meeting List has been in print since 1974. In 2003 we joined the new millenium, first putting the meeting list itself on the internet, and then expanding our website to what it is now. In fact, it is still growing.

Meeting corrections and changes are listed in several places on this website, including the printable secretary notes. This includes up-to-date, printable versions of the list itself, which you are welcome to download and use.

The PDF version of the meeting list, that we use for printing ourselves, can be downloaded here. The original DOC version is also available here. It is designed to be printed on legal-size paper, front and back, with the front page and Fri.-Sun. meetings (p. 1) on one side, and the Mon.-Thurs. meetings (p. 2) on the other. Voilà!

Current Printable Secretary Notes are also available. They are much easier to print from than the web page itself.

A great many members work on these documents — web pages, meeting lists and notes — keeping them updated to reflect the latest information. Each page or document (and in-page items in some cases) should indicate when they were last updated.

Details of all changes since the September, 2002 printed list can be found in the Meeting Changes page of the website, as well as in the online secretary notes for each year.

Finally, in the past 2 years doubtful 'meeting lists' have been placed at meetings, usually for free, basically promoting a pseudo-'sober social club' in Port Richmond, and the group (and its 21 meetings) that the 'club' created to finance itself in December, 2006.

Given that a) even genuine sober clubs are not part of A. A. – they are 'outside organizations' in the same sense as churches, hospitals, businesses and schools; and b) A. A. groups may not be affiliated with any outside organization; and c) that this 'club' and 'group' are completely inter-dependent ... that means this cannot be an A. A. group at all. Please feel free to get in touch with us, as to why we therefore do not list the meetings in question.

This in turn means that these are not A. A. meeting lists, but essentially advertisements for the 'club' itself. This is more like a business passing around free calendars to would-be customers. If people go to their meetings, the brochures pay for themselves in no time at all, even when given 'for free'.

Our groups, of course, need to make their own decisions on this. Our suggestion, as you can imagine, is that these impostors not be kept with the A. A. literature ... but wherever the group keeps dance notices, flyers from Hazelden, church bulletins and other non-A. A. material ... if it does so at all.

I am responsible . . .
  When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
    I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.
      And for that . . . I am responsible.

            —   A.A. Grapevine. Reprinted by permission.
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